The Trash Panda

Top 3 foods:
Yorkshire puddings with gravy. Deadass cold custard. It’s a draw between California handrolls from Yo Sushi and miso soup.
Top 3 BTS Songs:
Mic Drop, Tear and Don’t Leave Me. And Cypher Part 3. 
Top 3 Video Game Characters:
Breath of the Wild Link definitely, all three dragons from Breath of the Wild, Sans… there’s too many! Spyro, Shadow and Booker Dewitt.
Top 3 Anime:
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Made in Abyss, Dororo.
ARMY, Boku no Hero Academia, there’s a lot that I dip my finger into but I’m not dedicated to. My one and only is ARMY.



In the world of BNHA, what would your quirk be?
Probably something atrocious like farting out of every orifice in my body. If I could choose though it would be a quirk similar to Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow, except made from a thick, black tangible sand. It’d have the ability to mask my presence and would act as a hallucinogen to my enemies so I can seriously fuck with people’s head whilst still having this badass thing coming out of my back ready to attack or defend. 
In the world of Avatar the Last Airbender, what element would you control?
Earth Bender.
If you could live in a Ghibli movie, which one would you choose?
Spirited away. Because it’s an escape from this world, I’d walk down the train tracks that are submerged and eat the spirit food. I don’t care if I turn into a pig, it’ll be worth it. My Neighbour Totoro is a close second because of the big dick energy trees, I just want to be able to visit Totoro. 
My favourite K-Drama would be Strong Girl Bong-Soon. I love jade and labradorite stones. My favourite games are Bioshock Infinite and Breath of the Wild. If I had Lelouche’s Geass, I’d make BTS rest! I’d tuck them in, give them beef skewers and make them rest. Banana milkshake is my favourite drink, second this peach Korean drink I can’t remember the name of. My best boy is all of BTS can’t choose, Shrek, Todoroki Shouto, Aizawa Shouta, Tamaki Amajiki. If I could have any doggo, it’d be a Samoyed, Sarloos, Pomski or a Shiba Inu. My favourite pastime is sleeping and something I’ve always wanted to try is shibari. 


The Filthy Weeb

Top 3 foods:
POTATOES with chilli & philly cheese on them UGH. My secret avocado on toast recipe. Ramen. But I love all food ngl. 
Most hated characters:
Mineta. Teemo. Dino Golzine.   
Top 3 anime:
Made in Abyss is SO damn beautiful I just can’t, everyone should know about this anime! Noragami. Banana Fish. 
Top 3 manga:
Noragami, Deadman Wonderland (WAY better than the anime) and One Punch Man, honestly the skill of this artist is just beyond. 
Best boys?
Kirishima Eijirou, Todoroki Shouto, Aizawa Shota, Dabi, Tamaki Amajiki, Bakugo Katsuki, Hitoshi Shinso, Zuko, Hawks, Yato, Reg, Kayn and Rhaast. For real though there are so many best boys. I’m sure there’s more I’m forgettinglike 50…



Earth, water, fire or air bender?
It’s been long agreed that water would be my element. Because I’m moist? Maybe. And because I have graceful hands.
If you could live in a Ghibli movie, which one would you choose?
Spirited away so I could beat the shit out of Yubaba and steal her bathhouse & Haku along with it. Then I’d eat all that sumptuously rendered spirit food and make No Face my best friend so we can paddle through that satisfyingly clear water over the train tracks. Life goals right there. Howl’s moving castle is also pretty cool!
What fictional characters did you have a crush on as a kid?
Oh, too many! Crash Bandicoot was my ultimate G. Then there’s Shadow the Hedgehog because I’m a sucker for any and all edgelord and he out-edged everyone else in the games I used to play. Yugi Muto (or rather, Yugi when Pharaoh Atem possesses his ass, not soft Yugi) and Duke Devlin because… do I have to explain? Jesse Anderson and Spyro were up there too at some point, not gonna lie. 
My favourite pastime is eating in bed watching anime, drinking dark chocolate almond milk with my big ass blue blanket. Web design, digital painting, cosplay and photography are close seconds to that.  I relate the most to Sasha Blouse from AOT because potatoes are life! If I was a furry, I’d be a naked mole rat… kinda defeats the point but that is the point. Yu Gi Oh! was my first ever anime. Tatiana describes my dress style as “slut about to murder her boyfriend”, or “gonna go murder but look sexy doing it”. I love crystals, my favourite is rose quartz.