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Best fonts to use in your manga!

(in my humble opinion)

I am not an expert in manga specific fonts, but with my background in design, I’d say my taste in fonts is okay-ish. Enough so to tell when one is completely ugly as opposed to the more suitable ones.

So, to begin with, I ruled out Manga Temple! Which you may or may not be surprised at, but let me explain: It’s shit. Or rather, it’s shit at the side of 888 Toto, which (as you can see below) has a much cleaner, readable appearance. Unlike with Manga Temple, Toto doesn’t try to do anything other than be a simple, readable comic style font and I like that – it’s well balanced and very legible for your standard comic speech bubbles. This is useful for artists looking to incorporate manga style typography into their work, scanlators, manga artists, digital artists…. anyone really!

My next favourite for standard speech bubble text is Wildwords. There are more options with this font, for example bold, italic etc. This allows so much more creativity and freedom to create your own typographic hierarchy in your work, put emphasis on words or phrases and ultimately for readers to navigate your content easier. That being said, it’s still a simple, but pretty font all on its own even without its other variants.

So now you know what my regular font picks would be… let’s get onto the fun stuff! The thing is with comics, visual communication can only go so far when it comes to static images, namely pen and ink/black and white. Don’t get me wrong, artists are capable of crafting some truly awe-inspiring art that embodies every bit of emotion or impact they’re trying to create, but sometimes typography can help with that too! How? Think of the classic “BOOM” “KAPOW!” “GRRRRR” ‘s of comics and manga, writing out sound effects helps to create an atmosphere for the reader and really take your comic to the next level. And what’s more impactful than seeing “BOOM” in Helvetica, Wildwords or 888 ToTo? Seeing it in a SFX font that is wild, weird and wonderfully suited to the noise or atmospheric commentary being conveyed through typography. My favourite examples of SFX fonts are listed below. I like them all for very different reasons, but applied in the right way, they’re all very effecting at creating atmosphere!

Blam Blam





Torn Asunder



Palooka BB

And another bonus… THEY’RE ALL FREE! REEEEE. Go wild my fellow artists. I’ve decided to include some image examples of the fonts below so you can choose which ones suit your needs best, instead of having to search them all individually to see.

Here is a link to some comic style Google Webfonts:

A good site for free fonts is Font Squirrel!

I hope this was useful, happy manga-making or art creating or whatever you intend to do with this information heheh ^.^

Until next time,

G x


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