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轟 焦 凍

I want to call him Glowdoroki.
I painted this using Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes I use Clip Studio Paint for the lines because I love the Manga pen!

First of all I start by sketching the outlines of good o’l Glowdoroki over here. I decided to go with a light creme canvas to begin with, though sometimes I choose light grey… this for some reason takes the pressure off. There’s something daunting about looking at a bright, white background! Using a more neutral brown and a standard pen brush, I began to add some lines and get the outline of Todoroki – there is a process to this, but I am thinking about starting a Patreon and perhaps posting the whole process there instead. If this is something you’d be interested in seeing, please do let me know!

Next up is always the clothes and skin first, doing these before the other more intricate parts of Glowdoroki means that I can get an idea of the general colour scheme this piece was taking. Same for any project really – having the large parts filled in allows for early adjustments that might have proved annoying to correct further down the line. I wanted to keep this a soft looking painting, so I avoided harsh shadows and colours all together, hence how he turned into a Glowdoroki instead of just Todoroki.

Here you can see the hair before and after I added the linear dodge layer – this is my favourite way of adding fiery highlights, if i recall rightly, it was a yellow sunshine colour that enabled this effect to appear so vibrant.

The snow I added in the background has a fluffy effect, I think this turned out well overall.

This piece was completed with the purpose of going somewhere on the site as a background/space filler… as you may have seen, it ended up in the footer of this website.

Until next time,

G x


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