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Hello there and welcome to this tutorial on how to style a cheap eBay wig into an awesome cosplay wig for Hawks! Hawks is a hero(?) from the popular shounen anime and manga series “Boku no Hero Academia”, he is a confident and rather outspoken young hero who is currently no.2 in the whole of Japan. We have decided to create a Hawks look from a cheap wig to show you that is is very much doable!

So what will you need?
Below is a list of all the equipment I used! By no means to you have to use the exact same as me, but I have linked each item just in case you were curious.

– Your lace front wig
Hairdressing scissors 
Hair grips/bobby pins
Heavy-duty, glue based hairspray (I used Got 2B Glued, Blasting Freeze Spray)
A wig head/stand
Pins (to keep your wig in place whilst you work)
Hair clips
A reference photo of Hawks’ hair (The one linked is the one I used, but it helps to get as many angles on the hair as you can!)
– A straightening iron (just a generic one is fine because you won’t need the heat high anyway)
Small barrelled curler
– Fine tooth comb (again, just any old comb)

Now that you know the essentials, let’s get started!

Below is an image of how this wig started. Well, it actually started longer than this, but we snipped it so the whole thing can fit into the frame. It doesn’t matter how long the wig starts, so long as there’s enough length to work with when creating the unruly bird’s nest that is Hawk’s hair (no pun intended).





















So, first off you will want to begin by clipping up half of the hair with a standard hair clip so it doesn’t get in the way of your styling. Once you’ve got a nice area to work with, snip away some of the length until it looks about the length of your reference photo – if in doubt, it’s better to leave it a little too long than too short!

Starting from the bottom, grab your fine tooth comb and begin backcombing the hair from the base outwards. You’ll achieve the best, most fluffy results if you do this in small sections and work your way from the roots of the wefts to gradually reach the tip. Do be careful not to go too overboard with the backcombing when you’re nearer the more visible areas of the hair, leave some nice and smooth.

Now that the back of the wig is fluffed up, you’re going to start taking those smoother end pieces we talked about in the last image. Using a small barrelled curler (make sure the heat isn’t too high or it could melt your wig – also double check that heat can definitely be used on your wig!), take one strand at a time and curl, leaving the bottom fluffy so the little curls stick out at all angles. Use hairspray to set each curl you do and tweak the angle to your liking, you can also spray the hairspray directly onto the barrel of the curler as you’re curling the hair – though I wouldn’t recommend this in case you need to change it. You could also get some nasty build-up on your curlers and nobody wants that.

When you’re ready, you can let some of the hair from your clipped section down, then begin repeating this process. I also twisted some sections by hand because using the curler wasn’t necessary for those parts that already had a nice bend to them. You can cut all of this hair to the desired length in one go if that suits you, but the nearer to the front you get, the more visible the hair is. Because of this, I tend to grab a section, back comb, cut it to the right length, thenspray.

A good tip when cutting the hair is to not cut straight across. Angle the scissors vertical to the direction of the hair strands and chop up into the fibres. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube showing how this is done – another option is to buy thinning scissors, though in my experience, thinning scissors don’t work very well on synthetic hair.

Make sure you’re pulling the hair in a BACKWARDS motion as you do all of this, keeping the hair in the right direction. Hawks’ hair is windswept away from his face (generally speaking, there are also the unruly parts at the front – but we’ll get to that later.)

Here you can see how I have twisted this segment of hair by hand, after doing this I simply added a lot of hairspray and held it in place whilst the twist became set into place. This method is especially good nearer the top of the wig due to the more natural result. You can also see how I cut the hair here – it’s jagged and feathered, not straight across!

And this is what the front of the wig still looks like, just to give you some perspective! We’ve been working predominantly on the back of the wig first because it allows you to gage the level of fluff needed, which also depends on the thickness of your wig. I think I look a bit like Denki Kaminari (also from BNHA) here in his idiot mode.

Now, onto the front of the wig! This time, I am switching to my straightening iron.

Repeating a similar process to the rest of the wig, I segment the hair nicely so that each strand can be accessed easily. I bobby pin these in place before doing any styling!

Next, piece by piece I cut them to length, curl them backwards with the curling iron, then spray a generous amount of hairspray onto them before setting the curls by gripping them into place as they dry. Be sure to bend these nice and high so that when they aren’t supported by the grips, there’ll still be a lot of volume in the hair.

Here you can see just what they look like when the pins have been taken out! Once you’ve played around with a bit of movement, chopping here and there and back combing, go ahead and cut the bangs using the same ‘feather’ method as the rest of the wig! You can set these with hairspray and choose which direction they fall witht the flat iron or curlers.

Here’s the finished profuct from the back! I have left this a little bit long so that Tonic can put the wig on (as she will be the one cosplaying Hawks), where I can make alterations on her head to fit the shape of her face. I suggest doing this if at all possible, and if the wig is for yourslef – ask a family member or friend!

Wow – look at all that hair we’ve chopped off!

And below is the finished result!

This wig was a challenge to make, but it was super fun! All in all, it took me about 4.5 hours to do this – I am in no way an experienced cosplayer, nor do I have any experience with hair styling so this is something anyone can do if you put your mind to it! ^^ I was thinking about doing a video tutorial for YouTube but I chickened out last minute lol. If this is something you would be interested in, please do let us know!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, consider subscribing to the Sobaroki Squad if you’d like to keep up to date with our latest posts <3

Happy cosplaying!




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